Open source

  • Cloudcash
    Cloudcash is an open source, part CLI, part GUI tool that allows checking the current usage/billing information on a variety of different cloud service providers, including Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean, Vultr and others!
  • Journalist v1
    Journalist v1
    Say Hello to Journalist v1, the complete rewrite of Journalist, an open source RSS aggregator!
  • Mailman3 on OpenBSD 7.1
    Mailman3 on OpenBSD 7.1
    A short guide on how to install and run Mailman version 3 on OpenBSD 7.1.
  • go-fleek
    go-fleek is an open source Go library for accessing the Fleek API.
  • addrb
    addrb is a super lightweight command line address book that supports VCARD synchronization via CardDAV, output templating using text/template, as well as JSON output. And it can also list birthdays!
  • Project Updates Q2 2022
    Project Updates Q2 2022
    Project updates from the current consecutive three-month period, with info on the current status of my projects and next steps. You might find this interesting in case you’re using any of my open source tools.
  • go-render
    go-render is an open source Go library for accessing the Render API.
  • cexec
    cexec is an open source command line tool that can run other commands and cache their output for a custom amount of time, so that subsequent runs will return the cached output instead of running the command again.
  • XTIA Xproto Upgrade
    XTIA Xproto Upgrade
    Upgraded my Linux workstation to increase performance by optimizing thermals through increased airflow, using the XTIA C-Zone 30mm extender v2.0 and a dedicated heatsink for the back-mounted NVMe SSD.
  • Running an Open Source Home Area Network
    Running an Open Source Home Area Network
    Insights on running a Home Area Network (HAN) nearly completely on open source software, including configurations and metrics.