• XTIA Xproto Upgrade
    Upgraded my Linux workstation to increase performance by optimizing thermals through increased airflow, using the XTIA C-Zone 30mm extender v2.0 and a dedicated heatsink for the back-mounted NVMe SSD.
  • Running an Open Source Home Area Network
    Insights on running a Home Area Network (HAN) nearly completely on open source software, including configurations and metrics.
  • Linux on the Phone: Part One
    After being back on Linux on my desktop, I decided to make 2022 the year of Linux on the Phone. Not only did I fully replace my iPhone with a privacy-focused smartphone, I also got my toes wet with an actual Linux phone:
    The PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition.
  • Linux on the Desktop: Part Three
    I’ve been rocking Linux on the desktop for quite some time now and decided to provide some insights into what it’s like on a day-to-day basis, as well as cover some of the questions people had about my setup specifically.
  • Linux on the Desktop: Part Two
    After more than 10 years on macOS I made the switch back to Linux on my desktop – but not how I originally intended. The PC laptop market is bonkers and I decided to not play along.
  • Linux on the Desktop: Part One
    I left the Linux desktop nearly 10 years ago. Now I’m trying to go back in order to escape from a closed-source environment, by investigating on possible hardware options and trying out first steps on cheap alternatives.