Geld is an open source, terminal-based budget management tool that allows importing of CSV transaction data from various banks like ING and Revolut.



Geld, zählen. A command line tool for tracking money & budgets.

Download the latest version for macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD & Plan9 here.



Info: This will build using the version 0.0.0. You can prefix the make command with VERSION=x.y.z and set x, y and z accordingly if you want the version in geld --help to be a different one.


Please make sure to export GELD_DB=~/.config/geld.db (or whatever location you would like to have the geld database at).

List transactions

geld list --help

List all transactions:

geld list

List all transactions since a specific date:

geld list --since "Oct 2, 2020"

List all transactions and add the total amount:

geld list --total

Import transactions

During import, geld will create SHA1 sums for every transaction, which allows it to identify every imported transaction. This way geld won’t import the exact same transaction twice. This means that if you import periodical exports that might contain duplicate transactions you don’t need to worry about them messing up your database.

geld import --help

The following formats are supported as of right now:

csv: Generic CSV

It is possible to import generic CSV exports by specifying in which columns geld can find individual properties.


Import a generic CSV export:

geld import --format csv ./generic.csv \
  --csv-col-date 1 \
  --csv-col-value 8 \
  --csv-col-reference 5 \
  --csv-col-sender-receiver 3 \
  --csv-format-date "2.1.2006" \
  --csv-delimiter ";" \
  --csv-value-decimal-separator ","
revolut: Revolut CSV

It is possible to import CSV exports from Revolut. To export a CSV, open the Revolut iOS or Android app, select your account, click the ... button (right next to the + Add money and -> Send buttons), choose Statement from the popup menu and select Excel on the top of the statement screen.


Import a Revolut CSV export:

geld import --format revolut ./revolut.csv

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