Cloudcash is an open source, part CLI, part GUI tool that allows checking the current usage/billing information on a variety of different cloud service providers, including Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean, Vultr and others!


Check your cloud spending from the CLI, from Waybar, and from the macOS menu bar!


Cloudcash on Waybar

macOS menu bar

Cloudcash on macOS

Supported cloud services


go build .


Only add the services that you want to use and delete all the others:

cat ~/.config/cloudcash.toml
Pango = "  {{.Name}} <span color='#aaaaaa'>${{.Status.CurrentCharges}}</span> [<span color='#aaaaaa'>${{.Status.PreviousCharges}}</span>]"
PangoJoiner = " · "

Template = "{{.Name}} ${{.Status.CurrentCharges}}"
Joiner = " · "
IsDefault = false




AWSAccessKeyID = "AAAA"
AWSSecretAccessKey = "XXXX"
Region = "us-east-1"

Users = [
Orgs = [ 

Alternative paths for configuration file:

  • /etc/cloudcash.toml
  • $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/cloudcash.toml
  • $HOME/.config/cloudcash.toml
  • $HOME/cloudcash.toml
  • ./cloudcash.toml

Note regarding GitHub: You can specify multiple users/orgs, which are queried and added up to one total amount. Calculation is done locally, based on the paid minutes reported by the GitHub API and the officially available numbers, and could be off to a certain degree, due to additional costs that might have incurred on GitHub.


The Pango template used in the -waybar-pango output is used per service, separated by the PangoJouner string. To make it clear, if Pango is <span>{{.Name}}</span> and PangoJoiner is - then the output for two services (e.g. Vultr and AWS) would be:

<span>Vultr</span> - <span>AWS</span>

The Pango configuration uses Go’s text/template.

macOS menu bar

The Template in Menu is what is used to render the macOS menu bar widget. As with the Waybar output, the template is per service, separated by the Joiner string. Unlike the Waybar.Pango configuration, Menu.Template does not support Pango, but it can include things like Emojis.

To always run in menu mode, set Menu.IsDefault to true.


CLI (text)



cloudcash -json


rg -NA6 'cloudcash":'  ~/.config/waybar/config
  "custom/cloudcash": {
    "format": "{}",
    "return-type": "json",
    "exec": "/usr/local/bin/cloudcash -waybar-pango",
    "on-click": "",
    "interval": 3600

macOS menu bar

cloudcash -menu-mode 

Alternatively set Menu.IsDefault to true in configuration.

Updates GitHub

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