Canard is an open source, terminal-based RSS reader that was initially developed for Journalist and supports displaying full-length articles with inline ASCII images.


Canard. A command line TUI client for the Journalist RSS aggregator.


Note: Canard is not compatible with Journalist v1.0.0 or newer and will soon be merged into Neon Modem Overdrive! Neon Modem will support Journalist v1.0.0 and newer.


Download a binary from the releases page.

Or build it yourself (requires Go 1.16+):


User Manual


Export the following environment variables first:

export CANARD_API_URL="http://YOUR-JOURNALIST-SERVER:8000/fever/"
export GLAMOUR_STYLE="dark"

CANARD_API_URL and CANARD_API_KEY are Journalist-related configuration parameters. CANARD_API_KEY is the Journalist username:password string as MD5 hash. If you’re using Journalist in it’s default configuration (nobody:nobody) then you can simply set CANARD_API_KEY to 9a0f36d70a22b40baa26f3df113cd9eb. In case you have different users/passwords, run echo -n "username:password" | md5sum to retrieve the hash.

GLAMOUR_STYLE defines how the articles are being rendered, see glamour for more info.

Please make sure you’re running the latest version of journalist!



This is a list of supported keyboard shortcuts.

ArrowUp / k, ArrowDn / j
Scroll list/reader in either direction by one line

PgUp / b, PgDn / f
Scroll list/reader in either direction by one page

u, d
Scroll list/reader in either direction by half a page

g, G
Scroll list/reader to the very top/bottom

While in reader, close reader; While in list, quit Canard

Ctrl + R
Refresh feeds

Ctrl + T
Open feed switcher

Ctrl + Q
Quit Canard

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