An overview of all noteworthy projects that I was either working on before or I’m currently working on, including technical details and insights.

  • Neon Modem Overdrive
    Neon Modem Overdrive is a BBS-style command line client that supports Discourse, Lemmy, Lobsters and Hacker News as backends, and seamlessly integrates all of them into a streamlined TUI.
  • Superhighway84
    Superhighway84 is an open source, terminal-based, IPFS-powered, USENET-inspired, uncensorable, decentralized peer-to-peer internet discussion system with retro aesthetics.
  • Journalist
    Journalist is an open source RSS aggregator (a.k.a. self-hosted Feedly) that can sync subscriptions and read/unread items across multiple clients without requiring a special client-side integration.
  • Canard
    Canard is an open source, terminal-based RSS reader that was initially developed for Journalist and supports displaying full-length articles with inline ASCII images.
  • reader
    A lightweight tool offering better readability of web pages on the CLI.
  • Zeit
    Zeit, erfassen. A command line tool for tracking time spent on activities.
  • Cloudcash
    Cloudcash is an open source, part CLI, part GUI tool that allows checking the current usage/billing information on a variety of different cloud service providers, including Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean, Vultr and others!
  • Lemon
    Lemon is a notification proxy that supports D-Bus, as well as the Pimoroni Raspberry Pi Unicorn Hat HD, allowing you to build a cheap, open-source alternative to LaMetric.
  • Kiwi
    Kiwi turns your Pimoroni Keybow into a fully customizable poor-man’s Elgato Stream Deck!
  • Planor
    Planor is an open source TUI client for cloud service like Amazon AWS, Vultr, Heroku, and many more.
  • WTH
    WTH (aka What The Heck) is the better personal information dashboard for your terminal, providing at-a-glance access to stats and data. It’s a modular and extensible alternative to WTF and it’s based on Bubble Tea.
  • go-fleek
    go-fleek is an open source Go library for accessing the Fleek API.
  • go-render
    go-render is an open source Go library for accessing the Render API.
  • Geld
    Geld is an open source, terminal-based budget management tool that allows importing of CSV transaction data from various banks like ING and Revolut.
  • addrb
    addrb is a super lightweight command line address book that supports VCARD synchronization via CardDAV, output templating using text/template, as well as JSON output. And it can also list birthdays!
  • caldr
    caldr is a super lightweight command line calendar that supports iCal synchronization via CalDAV, output templating using text/template, as well as JSON output.
  • xbsapi
    Alternative xBrowserSync API that is a single binary and supports SQLite3, PostgreSQL and MySQL
  • Conclusive
    Conclusive is an open source TUI client for the privacy respecting web analytics service
  • Gomphotherium
    Gomphotherium is an open source, terminal-based client for the Fediverse (“Mastodon”).
  • cexec
    cexec is an open source command line tool that can run other commands and cache their output for a custom amount of time, so that subsequent runs will return the cached output instead of running the command again.
  • Overpush
    A self-hosted, drop-in replacement for Pushover, that uses XMPP as delivery method and offers the same API for submitting messages, so that existing setups (e.g. Grafana) can continue working and only require changing the API URL.
  • shell-time
    Shell Time is for your shell, what Screen Time is for your phone!
  • pushover-to-xmpp
    Tiny Pushover to XMPP bridge written in Go.