An overview of all noteworthy projects that I was either working on before or I’m currently working on, including technical details and insights.

  • Neon Modem Overdrive
    Neon Modem Overdrive is a BBS-style command line client that supports Discourse, Lemmy, Lobsters and Hacker News as backends, and seamlessly integrates all of them into a streamlined TUI.
  • Superhighway84
    Superhighway84 is an open source, terminal-based, IPFS-powered, USENET-inspired, uncensorable, decentralized peer-to-peer internet discussion system with retro aesthetics.
  • Journalist
    Journalist is an open source RSS aggregator (a.k.a. self-hosted Feedly) that can sync subscriptions and read/unread items across multiple clients without requiring a special client-side integration.
  • Canard
    Canard is an open source, terminal-based RSS reader that was initially developed for Journalist and supports displaying full-length articles with inline ASCII images.
  • reader
    A lightweight tool offering better readability of web pages on the CLI.
  • Zeit
    Zeit, erfassen. A command line tool for tracking time spent on activities.
  • Cloudcash
    Cloudcash is an open source, part CLI, part GUI tool that allows checking the current usage/billing information on a variety of different cloud service providers, including Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean, Vultr and others!
  • Kiwi
    Kiwi turns your Pimoroni Keybow into a fully customizable poor-man’s Elgato Stream Deck!
  • Planor
    Planor is an open source TUI client for cloud service like Amazon AWS, Vultr, Heroku, and many more.
  • WTH
    WTH (aka What The Heck) is the better personal information dashboard for your terminal, providing at-a-glance access to stats and data. It’s a modular and extensible alternative to WTF and it’s based on Bubble Tea.
  • go-fleek
    go-fleek is an open source Go library for accessing the Fleek API.
  • go-render
    go-render is an open source Go library for accessing the Render API.
  • Geld
    Geld is an open source, terminal-based budget management tool that allows importing of CSV transaction data from various banks like ING and Revolut.
  • addrb
    addrb is a super lightweight command line address book that supports VCARD synchronization via CardDAV, output templating using text/template, as well as JSON output. And it can also list birthdays!
  • caldr
    caldr is a super lightweight command line calendar that supports iCal synchronization via CalDAV, output templating using text/template, as well as JSON output.
  • xbsapi
    Alternative xBrowserSync API that is a single binary and supports SQLite3, PostgreSQL and MySQL
  • Conclusive
    Conclusive is an open source TUI client for the privacy respecting web analytics service
  • Gomphotherium
    Gomphotherium is an open source, terminal-based client for the Fediverse (“Mastodon”).
  • cexec
    cexec is an open source command line tool that can run other commands and cache their output for a custom amount of time, so that subsequent runs will return the cached output instead of running the command again.
  • shell-time
    Shell Time is for your shell, what Screen Time is for your phone!
  • pushover-to-xmpp
    Tiny Pushover to XMPP bridge written in Go.