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  • Haunted No More
    Goodbye Ghost!
  • The Absurdity of Modern Tools
    "Much of the power of the UNIX operating system comes from a style of program design that makes programs easy to use and, more important, easy to combine with other programs."
  • A Nomad's Command Line
    A while ago I wrote about my computer and gave an overview of the software that I use on a daily basis, without going too much into the details of specific areas. With this follow-up I want to focus on the tools that I use and put together a collection that aren't typically part of a POSIX system.
  • DIY: Khadas VIM3 Vertical Stand & Fan Mount
    With barely any ecosystem around Khadas' products, I decided to fullfil the need for a stand with integrated cooling for the VIM3 on my own.
  • Ultra-Portable Data Center
    I'm travelling. A lot. And I work with data. With a lot of data. A lot of private data. My own data, but also data from clients. Highly confidential data.
  • Trapped on an Island: Coffee with a Moka Pot
    It's the stuff that wakes you up in the morning and transforms you from an obnoxious human being into the lovely person that you are. But what do you do when you can't simply get your daily fix from the coffee shop around the corner?
  • DIY: Raspberry Pi 4 Vertical Stand + Cooler Frames
    Let's make the Raspberry Pi 4 finally keep its cool and look that way!
  • A Nomad's Computer
    When you're a full-time traveller you usually don't posses much and therefore don't really have to take care of many things. Apart from the usual suspects like your passport there's probably one thing that's really valuable to you: Your computer.
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