Lemon v2

After nearly five years of inactivity, I decided to breath in new life into Lemon: Meet Lemon v2, a complete rewrite in Go!

Lemon v2

Some of you might remember Lemon from back when I posted it for the first time. Lemon was an open-source alternative to LaMetric that was built on a Raspberry Pi rocking a Pimoroni Unicorn Hat HD and that integrated with GitHub-, IFTTT and Zapier webhooks, and Pushover.

Back then the project was built in Python and was only intended to be run on a Raspberry Pi that had the additional Unicorn Hat HD hardware installed. It was supposed to be a low-cost alternative to products like the LaMetric TIME dot-matrix display, which would display notifications from different services.

This month, however, I took the time to completely rewrite Lemon from scratch. I rebuilt the software in Go, to make it a lot easier to install and maintain. Besides, Lemon isn’t only intended to be run on the Raspberry Pi anymore:

It’s an actual daemon that can be run on any Linux (and *BSD) desktop, that (for now) displays Pushover notifications as D-Bus desktop notifications. It can however still run on the Raspberry Pi and even use the Pimoroni Unicorn Hat HD to display notifications!

Raspberry Pi & Pimoroni Unicorn Hat HD running Lemon v2

Since it’s built-in Go now, all you need is a Raspberry running any Linux distribution of your choice, with access to the SPI interface, and you’re ready to go. Simply download the binary or build it yourself and launch it on your Pi.

No Pi? No Problem! You can run Lemon on your desktop as well, where it’ll use D-Bus to send you notifications.

D-Bus notification of Lemon v2

Curious to try it yourself? Head over to GitHub and check out Lemon v2!

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