A collection of keyboards that I used in the past, the one I currently use and other ones that I keep around.




My primary keyboard is the KARA by RAMA. It’s a HHKB layout keyboard that I built using Durock screw-in stabilizers – lubed with Super Lube 21030 – and kailh BOX Jades. The keycaps that I’m currently using are the Black Yellow Gentleman from KPrepublic. Unfortunately this set does not have a Control key that fits the CapsLock position and neither does it have novelties/accents that would fit the Meta positions (left and right next to the space bar). Hence the actual Control key reads CapsLock and the meta keys are labeled Control.

I’m using the KARA on my Linux workstation.

Kbdfans DZ60 rev3

60% Kbdfans DZ60

My secondary keyboard is a frankensteined Kbdfans DZ60 rev 3 in a 60% plastic case with a soldered WK layout, programmed as a HHKB layout. It has a 2mm case foam, GMK screw-ins and a polycarbonate plate.

The switches are kailh BOX Jades and the keycaps are Kbdfans' NP PBT set.

I’m using this keyboard on my MacBook. I’m undecided whether to re-solder it to an actual HHKB layout – and order the required stab and polycarbonate plate – since my current case won’t hide the HHKB corners.

Vinpok Taptek

The Vinpok Taptek is my backup keyboard. I got it a few years ago when I was used to the Apple keyboard layout, since it has a nearly identical layout like the MacBook.

However, the switches it comes with are awful. They are mushy and feel like they were lubed with glue. It’s a better typing experience than on the integrated butterfly keyboard though.

Keychron K1

Like with the Taptek, I got the K1 a few years ago when I was mainly working with the Apple keyboard layout and needed an external keyboard that was similar to what I was used to back at the time.

published [2020-03-17] · updated [2021-07-21]