This page is a collection of some of the most asked questions by people who got in touch with me, and my answers to them.


Frequentely asked questions

Who are you?

According to Hcaptcha and Cloudflare, I’m a robot.

Where are you located?


What is this domain?

See here.

What is this site?

It is my personal, non-commercial website, where I collect various information for my own reference, as well as publish write-ups that I believe might be interesting to like-minded people.

What topics do you cover?

Can I trust the information on this website?

No. And you should never trust any single website or entity. Especially not the ones that have sponsored content or have no academic/professional background in the topics they post about.

Take this information as mere pointers into different directions, that scratch the surface and ultimately provoke your itch to find out more about the individual topics. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

I don’t have any commercial sponsors. The only affiliate link you will find is for Vultr, as I’m using the service myself and receive credits whenever someone signs up through the links. Apart from that, no affiliate links whatsoever.

Do you sell my data?

This site does not provide any possibility for you to submit your data. The analytics used on this site does not set any cookies and hence doesn’t track you. This site can be browsed with JavaScript turned off and through Tor, via its onion address (see footer). This site provides an RSS feed, that contains the full length posts, so you don’t even have to open the site in your browser to read it.

Where is the site hosted and do they sell my data?

This site is hosted on Render and they very likely collect and sell the HTTP requests their CDN handles, to deliver this site to your browser. If you feel uncomfortable with that, use a VPN and make sure to configure your web browser according to your privacy needs. If you’re uncomfortable with that as well, I encourage you to browse this site via Tor (see footer).

The Tor site is hosted on an OpenBSD VPS running on Vultr. The host system does not log any HTTP requests. Vultr, being the cloud provider, has potential access to the system, even though I have not given them explicit permission nor credentials to do so.

If this doesn’t put you at ease, there is an experimental build of this site running via Fleek on IPFS, reachable through the Handshake domain com.マリウス or via regular DNS.

If you’re still uncomfortable with this, I can send you a full, GPG-signed and, if desired, encrypted digital copy of this website on a WORM medium (CD-R/DVD-R) to an address anywhere on this planet in exchange for the logistical costs, preferably paid via XMR. Contact me for details. Please bear in mind that delivery might take several weeks, depending on your location.

Is this a WordPress?

No. It’s a static site, generated with Hugo, from a bunch of Markdown files. It’s served entirely from a CDN and does not require any server side script (e.g. PHP, Ruby, Node.js, etc) to be running.

So, there’s no /wp-admin page?

Nope, you can turn off Nikto and Metasploit now.

You sure?

… ;-)

Why does this site look like this?

Because it’s a motherfscking website. You might even call it brutalist.

What’s the Hugo theme called?

It’s called マリウス, because it is a theme that I purposely built for this site. It is not available as a Hugo theme for download, sorry.

Under what license is the content published?

See here.

Can I contact you?


“Birds aren’t real”?!

Correct, birds aren’t real. Do your own research.

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