Conclusive: A Command Line Client for Plausible Analytics

Conclusive, a command line client for, the open and privacy-respecting analytics platform.

Conclusive: A Command Line Client for Plausible Analytics

A while ago I wrote about how I dropped Google from my infrastructure and with that I got rid of their analytics service. I initially chose Fathom to replace it on all my sites and services, but eventually switched to The main reason for this was the lack of an official API on Fathom.
Plausible Analytics on the other hand offers a stats API that is beautifully lightweight and easy to integrate with.

Since I’m more of a CLI/TUI person, I decided to check it out and try to build a command line interface for it, that would offer me the same set of information in the terminal, that their website offers in the browser.

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I wrote a lightweight API client in Rust, which displays the most important bits of information in a TUI that uses tui-rs to render.

conclusive is available on GitHub and runs on macOS, BSD and Linux. And maybe even Plan9 or Windows, I didn’t really try.

Conclusive on GitHub

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