• Journalist v1
    Journalist v1
    Say Hello to Journalist v1, the complete rewrite of Journalist, an open source RSS aggregator!
  • Mailman3 on OpenBSD 7.1
    Mailman3 on OpenBSD 7.1
    A short guide on how to install and run Mailman version 3 on OpenBSD 7.1.
  • XTIA Xproto Upgrade
    XTIA Xproto Upgrade
    Upgraded my Linux workstation to increase performance by optimizing thermals through increased airflow, using the XTIA C-Zone 30mm extender v2.0 and a dedicated heatsink for the back-mounted NVMe SSD.
  • Planor: The Cloud Aviator
    Planor: The Cloud Aviator
    Planor is a TUI client for cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Vultr or Heroku. It allows checking CodePipeline deployments, Heroku builds, Vultr instance states or CloudWatch logs on a lightweight terminal UI.
  • reader: Web page readability on the CLI
    reader: Web page readability on the CLI
    reader is for your command line what the “readability” view is for modern browsers: A lightweight tool offering better readability of web pages on the CLI.
  • Frankenswitch: The Poor-Man's Soju Switch
    Frankenswitch: The Poor-Man's Soju Switch
    A while ago I stumbled upon an interesting Frankenswitch dubbed the Soju Switch: A combination of an C³Equalz X TKC Kiwi bottom, a Boba U4 top and a Lumia stem. I was tempted to build it, but ideally with parts that are more readily available and maybe even cheaper.
  • Superhighway84
    Superhighway84 is an USENET-inspired decentralized internet discussion system, featuring a retro text user interface and powered by IPFS and OrbitDB.
  • Let's Take Wikipedia Offline!
    Let's Take Wikipedia Offline!
    Well, not literally. But what if you could look up Wikipedia in an instant, without even requiring a working internet connection?
    Call it doomsday prepping or just a precaution, but let’s see if we can have our own copy of Wikipedia running offline, without having too much trouble along the way.
  • Linux on the Desktop: Part Three
    Linux on the Desktop: Part Three
    I’ve been rocking Linux on the desktop for quite some time now and decided to provide some insights into what it’s like on a day-to-day basis, as well as cover some of the questions people had about my setup specifically.
    “Behind the scenes” photography from building the HHKB-layout KARA (ICED) by RAMA.