• Moxie Marlinspike on Decentralization
    Moxie Marlinspike, founder and former CEO of Signal Messenger LLC, on the topic of decentralization and why centralized systems are supposedly the way to go.
  • Running an Open Source Home Area Network
    Insights on running a Home Area Network (HAN) nearly completely on open source software, including configurations and metrics.
  • Linux on the Phone: Part One
    After being back on Linux on my desktop, I decided to make 2022 the year of Linux on the Phone. Not only did I fully replace my iPhone with a privacy-focused smartphone, I also got my toes wet with an actual Linux phone:
    The PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition.
  • Gemini is Solutionism at its Worst
    While I don’t care too much about ideas and projects that I believe to be dead ends or maybe even doomed to fail eventually, a recent interaction on Superhighway84 got me to write down a few thoughts on why I believe Project Gemini is a really bad idea.
  • Linux on the Desktop: Part Three
    I’ve been rocking Linux on the desktop for quite some time now and decided to provide some insights into what it’s like on a day-to-day basis, as well as cover some of the questions people had about my setup specifically.
  • ProtonMail Shows Why Your Data Won't Ever be Private Under Any "Orderly" Jurisdiction
    Another day, another eyebrow-raising situation unfolding at one of Europe’s privacy poster child. ProtonMail helping Swiss law-enforcement and Europol in an arrest warranted by French authorities once again shows how little the European turf can be trusted with privacy and why no customer data will ever be truly private under any industrialized nation’s jurisdiction.
  • Linux on the Desktop: Part Two
    After more than 10 years on macOS I made the switch back to Linux on my desktop – but not how I originally intended. The PC laptop market is bonkers and I decided to not play along.
  • Tracked No More: Goodbye Google
    Goodbye Google! For the past couple of years I’ve been using the company’s services extensively, but with the amount of scandals and privacy issues it was time to cut ties.
  • My 2020 Year in Review
    With 2020 being over I wanted to share some info and stats on my key moments and accomplishments as well as an outlook on the plans for 2021. In addition, I also share my experience on travel during 2020 and add some info on things I’ve been frequently asked about by friends and acquaintances.
  • Linux on the Desktop: Part One
    I left the Linux desktop nearly 10 years ago. Now I’m trying to go back in order to escape from a closed-source environment, by investigating on possible hardware options and trying out first steps on cheap alternatives.